Kayak Marco Island

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of questions we get asked every day:

Dolphins and Manatees
1) Will we see Dolphins and Manatees?

Dolphins swim by us periodically on our kayak tours. It doesn't happen every day, but when it does, it's awesome! Manatees are very rare and if we see them it will only be in the summer months. Dolphins may surface next to our kayaks a few times per month.

Alligators on our Kayak Tours
2) Will we see Alligators?

Since we are paddling in a salt-water mangrove estuary, it's unlikely that we'll see any alligators. In fact, we've never seen an alligator on any of our kayak tours. Alligators prefer fresh water and mostly live in the Everglades.
Alligators on our Kayak Tours

Raining on our kayak tour
3) What do we do if it rains?

Southwest Florida weather is always unpredictable. It's unlikely that it will rain in the mornings ever, because it usually rains in the afternoons during summer. If it does rain, it feels really refreshing on a hot day. We still depart if it's raining. If it's a downpour or there are dangerous conditions like lightning, then we'll cancel or reschedule.
Raining on our kayak tour

Falling out of the kayak
4) Do I need any experience?

No experience needed. We give a breif introduction before every kayak tour. The water is usually calm and shallow, so if you fall out of your kayak... just stand up. If you get tired, our guides are equipped with ropes and will be happy to tow you until you can paddle again.

Tandem Kayaks
5) Do you have tandem kayaks?

We call double (2-seater kayaks) a "Divorce Kayak." Everyone fights when they are in them. So unless you have children under age 12, we suggest riding in a single seater kayak. Doubles are also good if you have an injury and somebody else can paddle for you.

Kayak Instructions
6) What can I bring with on the kayak tour?

Bring water shoes, water to drink, sunscreen and a hat. We'll be in the sun for a good portion of the tour so it's important to stay hydrated and lathered up in sunscreen. You don't need to bring snacks or food, we'll only be on the water for 2.5 hours. We might get out on a sand bar if the tide is low enough.

Wearing a life jacket
7) Do I need to wear a life vest?

Yes, life jackets are required to be worn. If you faint from the heat or have a medical issue, they will keep you afloat and alive. Life jackets are also equipped with a whistle.

Marco Island Paddleboard Tour
8) Are paddleboards allowed on the tour?

If conditions are smooth and winds are calm, then we are happy to let you paddleboard on our tours. Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to paddleboard. You can leave us a note in the notes section of the online booking system when you create your booking. If conditions are not ideal for paddleboarding, we'll swap you into a kayak before we depart.

Are dogs allowed
9) Can I bring my dog on the kayak tour?

Yes but please follow these guidelines:

- It's doesn't bark or jump in the water.
- It wears a doggy life vest, provided by you.
- You bring a bowl for water so it can stay hydrated.

Corporate Kayak Tours Island
10) Do you have large group discounts?

Yes, we have the capacity to seat 50 people. We handle all corporate tours for major hotels in the area as well as many fortune 500 companies. Please email us for more information.